Friday 5: Enclosures

  1. What’s something (besides an electronic device) for which you spent extra money on a protective case? I don’t think I have. I mean, I have a case for my contact lenses that’s a unicorn, but that was a small part of my birthday present from my mom.
  2. What product’s packaging do you find excessive or inadequate? I had an online order through Sephora semi-recently that came in a cardboard box that was kind of big for what was in it–it was mostly small things like lipsticks or eyeliner that have small, skinny packaging and could honestly be shipped in a large padded envelope, probably, instead of a box Come to think of it, I think Sephora, when it comes to small orders, is bad with wasteful packaging. Similarly, one of the brands they carry put out a vegan mascara people were really excited about, but it came in this huge package that was definitely for aesthetics and a lot of people weren’t happy about it.
  3. What are your preferences for food storage containers? We have these nice glass dishes with lids that seal tight that we really like. I also bought covers like these that just fit over our regular bowls, and we use the tiny one for the cats’ canned food.
  4. This coming week, what would you like to be shielded from? Annoying assignments at work.
  5. What’s something interesting you’re keeping in a plastic storage box in your home? Woof, whatever is lurking in boxes we haven’t touched since we moved in last year. There’s one with my old scrapbooks and other photos somewhere and one that I think is housing books still. There’s one with Christmas decorations. And two small ones with just silica powder that I used to preserve my wedding bouquet.

From Friday 5.

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