Friday 5: It’s Around Here Somewhere

  1. What was your most recent unexpected expense? It might’ve been some minor work that needed done on my car when it got inspected, but that was a few months ago yet.
  2. What was your most recent pleasant surprise? I’ll tell you later. But I’ll tell you that part of it is doctor’s appointments I haven’t had to pay for thanks to insurance. That said, insurance companies are still the worst and our healthcare system is still broken–I’m just fortunate enough that I have good coverage.
  3. What can’t you find? My glasses! I cannot for the life of me find them–they’re not in any logical place. I’ve been relying on an old backup pair, but I suspect they’re partially responsible for the headaches I’ve been having.
  4. What are you hiding from? Nothing, I think.
  5. Who is a mystery? Most recently, my mother-in-law.

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