Friday 5: Year-End Awards

  1. Who is your 2019 most valuable player? My husband. 2019 was a crazy year for my whole family, and the craziness never really stopped. One of the biggest things was my dad being diagnosed with cancer and dying just moths later, and watching your spouse’s family been thrown into chaos that ultimately ends in grieving can’t be an easy thing. But his was supportive through the whole thing, not to mentioned other things 2019 tossed our way.
  2. Who is your 2019 newcomer of the year? I’ll tell ya later. But runner up goes to my niece, Eliana, who is adorable.
  3. Who is your 2019 most improved player? Ooh, I don’t know. I feel like my family stagnated in the wake of everything–that’s not a criticism, it’s just a reflection of the reality of what was going on and the impact it had. But maybe my brother and sister-in-law, as they became parents. It’s not like I thought they’d be bad at it by any means, but you definitely see a different side of people after they have kids that can be impressive. That said, though, if you have a sibling who is the type to hold a compliment over your head, do not tell them they’re a good parent, even if your dad just died and it’s been a long, hard day and it’s true and you think they deserve to hear it because you will never, ever hear the end of it.
  4. Who is your 2019 comeback player of the year? My friend Marissa. She moved back to the area this year, and she was part of a group I removed myself from a few years ago but was not part of the reason why I did so. When I found out she was back in the area, I was like, “Well, screw it, I might as well get in touch,” and it was probably one of the things I’m most happy I did in 2019. We’ve hung out about as much as two working adults who live 45-60 minutes apart can.
  5. Who receives your 2019 team spirit award? My niece, Eliana. She kept us distracted and was our bright spot this year. Christmas and Thanksgiving would’ve absolutely, 100% been awful if we didn’t have her to turn our attention somewhat from the absence of my dad. It was still felt, but it’s easier to push through it when there’s a six-month-old laughing and opening her first Christmas presents.

As always, from Friday 5.

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