Friday 5: Handle with Care

  1. What is your most recent experience with caring for plants? We have a garden! Of course, it’s winter now so there’s not much to be done, but we had cherry and grape tomatoes into September and October. We’re supposed to have a pretty warm day today, so I’d like to take advantage of that and pull out a lot of the weeds and other crap that sprung up and got unruly and difficult in the summer.
  2. When was the last time you administered first aid? I have no idea. I’ve only really had to do minor care on cat scratches.
  3. When did you last receive words of encouragement? I’ll go into more detail later, but there’s been some excitement around me lately that’s been encouraging–when you’re facing something big and genuinely life-changing, even if it’s a good thing, it can be overwhelming, but seeing other people get excited is contagious and helps shift your focus.
  4. When did you last hold a baby animal? Probably not since our first cat, Robin, was a few months old, but I could hold a baby animal every day of my life and it would never be enough.
  5. What was your last alcoholic drink? A mojito with dinner at PF Chang’s in early November before we saw Puddles Pity Party, and I promise I have a good reason for remembering that much detail.

As always, from Friday 5.

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