Friday 5: March Forward

  1. What is something you’re not looking forward to this weekend? Eh, I may have to interact with some people I’d rather not.
  2. What lies ahead of the weekend? The work week and an appointment with my eye doctor.
  3. What are you making progress on? Household chores. I’m ahead of the weekend laundry already.
  4. What were you most recently a little too early for? Ha, nothing? There was a day where I had a doctor’s appointment after work and I left work too early to go straight there and went home for a few minutes instead. I changed shoes–I wore boots to work and then it warmed up, so I switched to flats.
  5. When did something fun unexpectedly spring up? I don’t know! Everything fun I’ve done lately has been planned. I guess the closest we’ve come is I got an e-mail that the symphony was gonna be doing Boleró, one of my favorite pieces of classical music, about a week or so before the performance. Normally, we plan stuff like that farther in advance, but when the first-trimester pregnancy nausea, vomiting, and fatigue hit like a freight train, I realized/decided evenings out were a struggle at best and quit buying tickets for stuff after we made it through the things we already had tickets for. I was feeling a lot better by the time I got the Boleró e-mail and assumed–correctly–that I’d keep feeling better in the week or so leading up to the concert, so we sprung for it. Being pregnant has made it a tiny bit tougher to be spontaneous, mostly because of how I feel. If I feel great all weekend and we can cram in a movie or even a walk in the park or the mountains or hang out with someone, awesome, but will I feel up to the same thing in, say, three or four weeks? Who knows.

From Friday 5.

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