Friday 5: Social Distancing

  1. In what ways have recent events altered your everyday life or your plans? My everyday life hasn’t changed. I work from home already and business hasn’t been impacted, nor do I expect it to be, unless things get really, really bad. So I’ve been getting up and clocking in every morning like usual. Until yesterday, there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the area, so my husband’s routine hasn’t changed, either, but I guess we’ll wait and see if they make any decisions and shut down this week. They haven’t said where the case was, exactly, to avoid causing a panic, but it could be in a part likely to affect us or it could be someone in our town. That would be nice to know. It has altered weekend plans some. I’m pregnant and even though the evidence so far is showing I’m not at any greater risk and the baby wouldn’t be harmed, I don’t want to take my chances, plus the added piece of not wanting to get it and pass it along to someone more at risk. I’m at the point in the pregnancy where I need tested for gestational diabetes and did decide to still have it done–I was concerned that if I waited another week or so, things might be worse and it would either be riskier to go out or the labs I need to go to would shut down, and I figure that if I do have gestational diabetes and go too long without getting tested and treated, the potential harmful effects of that might be worse. So I had the testing done this morning and we ran a few errands after that, using hand sanitizer after everything we touched, basically, then washed our hands once we got home. I’m gonna stay put the rest of the weekend and given my work, all week.
  2. Where’s a good place to dine out if you want to practice comfortable social distancing? I’d probably go to this restaurant/pub right in town. They have really good food but aren’t usually very crowded. One of the coffee shops, too–the other with the bigger selection of drinks, pastries, and sandwiches naturally draws more people, but for a quick drink and something light, the one on the other side of town is less crowded but just as good.
  3. How’s your mood lately? Generally calm, but I’ll tell ya, what a time to be pregnant.
  4. If you’re forced to isolate at home for a couple of weeks, what would be your primary source of entertainment? Look, we’ve got shelves stacked with books, a Roku with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and plenty of other streaming services, Internet, a PlayStation, and two ridiculous cats. Boredom isn’t an option. I’d cycle through all of those.
  5. How do you think you’d be able to handle two weeks of isolation at home, assuming whoever you live with (if anyone) would do the same? We’d probably both be totally fine with it. We’re both essentially introverts who love to read and write with all of the aforementioned other entertainment. Hell, we might even get the house clean and get some writing out into the world. Two weeks of home isolation would probably be great for us.

From Friday 5.

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