Friday 5: Grace

  1. When most recently did someone show you unexpected courtesy? I don’t know. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been around many people lately, and being pregnant, everyone tends to cater to me a little more now, too.
  2. What were you most recently forgiven for? I don’t know about this, either. Because in my mind, at this point in pregnancy, I’m needing more help doing simple things, and I don’t like it and view it as a nuisance to myself and therefore think it’s a nuisance to other people (mainly my husband). And of course he doesn’t see it that way and has been nothing but a saint, which I think most people would say, “Well, of course, as he should be,” but I’ve been on Reddit enough to know there’s lots of shitty dads-to-be in the world. Although I guess there are two things he’s dealt with impressively. The first is an increase in snoring that has twice pushed him to sleep on the floor of the unfinished nursery in a sleeping bag. The second is that because of congestion that comes with pregnancy, I’ve been sleeping with my mouth open, which for reasons I do not comprehend means I apparently just, like…spit at random? I guess it’s kind of like blowing raspberries. My best guess is it’s something I’m doing weird when I breathe, I don’t know, but I’ve now more than once just kind of spit in his face. And other than a, “You spit on me last night,” he hasn’t said a word.
  3. What did someone most recently buy for you? For me but also the baby–we’re doing a social-distancing drive-by baby shower in about two weeks, and we’ve gotten a few gifts sent to the house from people who aren’t participating. Most recent one was a little rocker.
  4. What did someone most recently make for you? My best friend made the baby a tie-dye onesie for each month. My mom’s making some things for said shower. My husband made cookies yesterday, which weren’t strictly for me by any means, but I do benefit. Oh, I guess there’s also the fact that he’s making my meals almost exclusively now. Standing in front of a stove is surprisingly exhausting.
  5. Who could you probably be a bit nicer to? I think I’m nice to just about everyone, although I can be cold towards people I don’t like. I could probably ease up on that.

From Friday 5.

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