Friday 5: Un_____able

  1. What’s a movie you once liked but is now unwatchable? I was a Twilight fan for a hot minute back in those days, but it didn’t take long for that to fall apart–the writing is awful. But it did mean seeing most of the movies as they came out, and granted, by that time, we were heckling them more than truly enjoying them, I think. Kristen Stewart, with a few exceptions, is just a bad actress, I’m sorry. I realize she was given a weak character in this instance, but the only two movies I’ve ever seen her in where she was either good or her style worked were Adventureland and Into the Wild.
  2. What’s a song you once liked but is now unlistenable? I don’t know that there are any I’d call totally unlistenable, but I definitely burned myself out on a lot of stuff I loved as a teenager. There’s a lot of stuff from then that I still love, too, though.
  3. What’s a book you once liked but is now unreadable? Ha, see above. I’m also tempted to include 50 Shades of Grey not because I liked it but because up to a point, it wasn’t that bad. It’s one of those books that destroys itself as it goes by just getting worse and worse. I truly started it thinking, “Okay, this isn’t good, but it’s tolerable,” and ended on burn it all down.
  4. What’s something you once found unbelievable but whose truth is now undeniable? I don’t know!
  5. What’s something you once found tasty but is now unpalatable? Please, this was my entire first trimester of pregnancy. Nearly all of my staple foods sounded disgusting, vegetarian foods in particular. I’d just jumped on the Beyond Burger craze, and the thought of any meat substitutes was awful–that, fake chicken patties, fake hot dogs, even the things like orange chicken made me nauseous to even think about. For a while there, I needed very simple, almost bland foods. I’m mostly out of that now, but I’m definitely not back to normal. There’s still a freezer full of food I’m just not quite ready for. I’m also really tired of hard-boiled eggs. They were great for a little while as something quick, easy, and healthy for me, but that got old fast.

From Friday 5.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Un_____able”

  1. I thought Kristen Stewart was also good in that other film she did with Jesse Eisenberg, American Ultra. I finally saw the first Twilight film last fall and thought it wasn’t bad. I was pleaseantly surprised. Since I’m trying to see everything Anna Kendrick is in, I’ll probably see the rest of the series eventually.

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