Friday 5: Couples Therapy

  1. Which celebrity couple, past or present, do you find particularly interesting? I think in general, I am fascinated by the whole dynamic of Fleetwood Mac, where you started with two couples and ended with them all just sleeping with each other and writing songs about it.
  2. A couplet is a pair of rhyming lines of verse, one after another. Example:
    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.*
    In the form of a couplet, how would you describe your hopes for the weekend?
    Not so much my hope, as it’s now Sunday, but my reality: I wanted to stay in bed, but I had things to do instead.
  3. With what (or whom) have you recently, consciously uncoupled? There were a couple people who I was creeping on on social media, and I decided it was time to move on…mostly.
  4. When did you last purchase something in a two-pack only because it doesn’t come in a one-pack? I think I’ve only really done this with salad dressing and similar condiments. It tends to be things that’ll last a long time and will definitely get used.
  5. What were you doing a couple of hours ago, and what will you be doing in a couple of hours? I’ve been home for a couple of hours, but going back a little farther, I had my hair cut and freshly dyed. In a couple hours, I’ll be home, hopefully watching a movie or something if the baby naps–although at this point, if he doesn’t take one in the next hour, he’s better off skipping it–and at some point giving him a delicious dinner of pureed peas.

From Friday 5.

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