Friday 5: Brr!

  1. What will you remembrr about this past week? My nearly eight-month-old had a fun weekend seeing both of his cousins, and my niece in particular is entertaining just by virtue of being the oldest. She’s talking, and she finds Charlie hilarious and gave him lots of hugs.
  2. What’s trying its best to clobbrr you these days? Paranoia. Right after the New Year, a large number of people were let go in various departments, and I keep managing to get it in my head that they’re not done and I’m next. On what I swear is a totally unrelated note (wink wink), it’s time to get back to therapy.
  3. What’s going on in the neighbrrhood? As far as I can tell, nothing, but over on NextDoor, political chat has flared up again after the county’s GOP chairman got some attention nationally after he chastised the Republican state senator for voting to impeach Trump. He said something along the lines of our senator wasn’t there to vote his conscience, he was there to carry out the wishes of the party, which is absolutely insane to me. If our politicians aren’t supposed to do the right thing, then what hope do we have?
  4. When were you recently required to summon some brravery? I’ve been submitting/pitching a lot of writing, and I thin submissions in particular always require a little bit of bravery. My New Year’s resolution was to submit something at least once a month, but I’m holding a steady pace of once a week right now.
  5. Over what will you happily labrr this weekend? More of those submissions and pitches. Plus an attempt to transition the baby from sleeping in our room to his own crib. It’s sooner than I wanted to do it, but his bassinet in our room doubles as a playpen and he’s just started crawling–and I mean really crawling, to where he can actually get somewhere and get there pretty quick if he’s not stopped. So the best solution is to transition him to a crib and switch to the playpen function. But I’m not quite ready yet. The main reason for doing this over the weekend is so I don’t have to worry about being up for work if he fusses in the crib or, more likely, if I have trouble sleeping because I’m worried since he’s not right next to my side of the bed anymore.

From Friday 5.

1 thought on “Friday 5: Brr!”

  1. These neighborhood online communities are such a tricky situation. They’re well-intentioned, but one can certainly learn more about one’s neighbors than is ideal. I don’t like the way they often sink to gossip, or super intolerant language about what should be done when they catch the guy who stole that kid’s bike or whatever. I recently got a letter in snail mail asking me to join the FB group for my neighborhood and I just threw it out.

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