Friday 5: Just Vegging

  1. What’s your favorite root vegetable, and what’s your favorite way to eat it? At the moment, probably sweet potato. The other day, I mentioned a recipe my sister-in-law made for lunch last weekend that I really liked, and one of the ingredients is just simple, chopped-up and roasted sweet potato.
  2. What’s your favorite leafy green, and what’s your favorite way to eat it? For the most part, I don’t really have a favorite, and I tend to just eat them in salads. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention haluski, which is basically cabbage and noodles.
  3. What’s your favorite legume, and what’s your favorite way to eat it? I’ve been enjoying chickpeas more and more, and I find they’re a good vegetarian swap–I made chickpea gyros a few months ago and quite liked them, and they make a good homemade veggie burger.
  4. What’s your favorite vegetable to put on a pizza? It’s probably a tie between mushrooms and green peppers. Veggie pizza is my go-to.
  5. What’s your favorite fruit to eat in a green salad? It depends on the salad. I’ve had ones with mango used deliciously, but the one I’ve found you can almost never go wrong with is strawberry, especially with a vinaigrette and goat cheese. Dried cranberries are always great, too.

From Friday 5.


  1. I was thinking of you when I wrote these questions. 🙂
    Yeah, sweet potatoes! I read an article about how there are like a hundred varieties, and I want to try them all! I’m totally serious. I think I read in the same article that there’s a sweet potato of the month club. I need to Google that to see if it’s still a thing.

    1. I signed the baby up for one of those online delivery companies for baby food, and one of the flavors in his first box was Japanese sweet potato. He was a fan, but sweet potato in general goes over well with him.

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