Friday 5: Unto Others

  1. When did you last give (or serve) something you cooked to someone not in your residence? It took place at my residence–we had my son’s first birthday party at our house, and since it was a hot summer day, I made cucumber tea sandwiches and this punch that’s 7-Up (or other citrus pop) and pineapple juice.
  2. When did someone — not a restaurant or takeout spot or housemate! — last prepare a dish for you? Whenever we were last at my in-laws’ house, so sometime in the last few weeks. We try to take the baby over at least every other weekend, although it’s been a bit longer at this point, and they make dinner. I think it’s a nice grandparent tradition of sorts to have for him.
  3. When did you last reach out to someone who could use some company? I don’t know. I have a couple people in mind who I think could benefit from reaching out, though.
  4. When did someone last reach out to you for similar reasons? The only one coming to mind is shortly after my son was born, a high-school classmate who I was friendly but not close with asked how I was doing, specifically because she had post-partum depression and now makes it a point to check in with new moms. I was doing fine and it’s, like, the world’s simplest gesture, but it means so much. I had a few friends check in, too, especially as he was born shortly after COVID lockdowns.
  5. How good a listener are you when someone needs to talk it out? I think I’m pretty good. I will admit I have a tendency to chime in with relevant personal experience–I’ve seen plenty of posts circulating about how it’s an attempt to relate and help, not to shift the conversation to yourself. But I also know that sometimes, all someone really needs is the occasional, “Oh, man, yeah, your boyfriend’s being a real asshole” or something.

From Friday 5.

3 thoughts on “Friday 5: Unto Others

  1. I love your answers–I’ve also seen the posts you’re referencing in #5. I try to listen to listen, not listen to reply.

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