Friday 5: Itemized

  1. What item do you own more than one of, while most people own exactly one? I feel like this is kind of a maybe, but TV. I know a lot of people have one in the living room and another in a bedroom, but we don’t. Technically, we do own another one, but it’s a tiny nightstand-sized one my mom bought for my room when I was a kid. We don’t use it and it might not even work. I just kind of don’t know what to do with it.
  2. What item do you own none of, while most people own exactly one? I don’t know about most people, but we don’t have any kind of smart-home stuff–not even a smart thermostat. Not for any real reason other than I just don’t feel like upgrading, plus some of it is unnecessary, I think. I don’t need to operate everything in my house from my phone, and in fact, I think doing so has major drawbacks. I do have my eye on something for the garage door.
  3. Among stuff you own, what item is most likely to be borrowed by an acquaintance? Probably books.
  4. What item are you most likely to borrow from an acquaintance? Probably also books.
  5. What did you most recently purchase and not use? I bought some clothes for my son that he hasn’t worn yet, but that’s more like thinking ahead and taking advantage of sales. I have a few items in a few bigger sizes ready and waiting for when he outgrows what he has now. If I see something I like, I go ahead and grab it for him to have later.

From Friday 5.

One thought on “Friday 5: Itemized

  1. Yeah, I don’t have any smart home stuff either, because my wifi is crap. If I ever get it upgraded, though, I think I’ll install some smart lighting and definitely some security cams. I’ve been broken into five times in the past two decades.

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