Friday 5: Are You Prepositioning Me?

  1. When did you recently do something on the sly? Last weekend, my mom and brother were going into Pittsburgh to pick up a ham for Christmas, and I tagged along to go to a coffee shop my husband and I frequented pre-COVID to get him some of their beans. Looking at getting him a coffee grinder, too.
  2. Which of your plans for the coming week is still up in the air? I guess last-minute Christmas shopping. I’m really, really struggling with finding things for my brothers-in-law but also limiting my indoor shopping time, which is keeping me focused and not spending as much, but it does mean I’ll probably be slipping out during the week until I’m totally out of time.
  3. What’s happening across the street? Nothing, but the neighbor’s house is lit up nice. Might be some deer hanging out back in their yard or something.
  4. What have you heard recently through the grapevine? Eh, it has to do with family stuff. Nothing scandalous or juicy, just kind of…someone being treated differently than their siblings were in the same situation.
  5. What kinds of videos on YouTube are likeliest to send you down the rabbit hole? I’m actually pretty good at avoiding those, but anytime I’m watching John Oliver, it’s happening. In fact, when I was pregnant, I felt pretty crappy and wouldn’t do much in the evenings at first, plus I fell asleep in the afternoons after work a lot. I’d often just let them keep playing, and eventually, I’d fall asleep until my husband got home from work.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Are You Prepositioning Me?”

  1. Ah yeah. John Oliver does that to me too. It’s a difficult hole to crawl out of once you get going, especially if you go weeks between viewings, as I do.

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