Friday 5: Brainstorming

  1. If you owned a new professional sports team (pick any sport!), what would you name it, and what would be its team colors? It would definitely be a hockey team, but I can’t think of anything better than the existing teams. I’d just buy my home team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  2. If you owned a new restaurant, what would you name it, and what kind of cuisine would it serve? My mom and I have this whole elaborate joke about a biblical-themed restaurant called Chez Jesus, but it’s super gimmicky–like you order wine but are initially served water, you pass through a parted sea to get in, the foods are all things like angel hair pasta and devil’s food cake, etc.
  3. If you owned a little independent retail shop, what would you name it, and what would it sell? I don’t have a good name for it, but I always say if I could open any business and, like, it going under wouldn’t financially ruin me–basically if I won the lottery and just opened something up for fun–I’d do a music store, but obviously, I’d have to focus on more than physical music purchases. So I’d have apparel, collectibles, music in all formats, and I’d try to court musicians touring in the area for small in-store signings and performances.
  4. If you launched a charity, what would be its cause? So I kind of feel like the charity market is oversaturated, so rather than start a new one, I’d just dump tons of money into existing ones for causes I support.
  5. What kind of recreation is sorely lacking in your town? We don’t have a movie theater anymore! It fell victim to the pandemic. Apparently, its reopening kept getting pushed back, and the chain eventually decided not to reopen it at all. The hope is another chain will take it over.

From Friday 5.

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