Friday 5: OMG

  1. Recently, when did you consciously decide to MYOB? Aww, man, like never? I’m an admitted creep who wants to know everything about what’s going on. I won’t press people for anything, but you can bet I’m creeping online.
  2. In what area of your life is KISS your guiding principle? Most things, I think. It’s just kind of how my personality is.
  3. What caused you this week to LOL? So my almost-two-year-old son is going through this phase where he’s trying to put clothes–mostly pants and socks–on by himself, but the way he’s going about it is by digging items out of his laundry pile in his room and trying to pull them overtop of what he’s already wearing. Being a toddler, he’s very bad at it, so it’s not uncommon for him to run off to his room and for me to catch up with him only to find he’s got one leg in one pair of pants, the other leg in another, and they’re both on backwards and he’s trying to run down the hallway like that. Which is funny on its own, but today was laundry day for his clothes, and as soon as he saw me gathering up his precious jeans, he threw a fit, and it got worse when he realized they were going into the washer. I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it, but I made sure he didn’t see me laugh for two reasons: one, I don’t want him thinking he can throw a tantrum for entertainment, but two, and probably more important, I don’t want him to think I think it’s funny when he’s upset. Even though it’s a silly toddler moment, it’s a big deal to him, and he’s little and still learning a lot and the last message he needs to get is that Mom thinks it’s funny when he cries.
  4. In the past several days, what’s the longest you were AFK? A few hours, and I do mean in addition to time away while I’m asleep. I hop on my computer a little bit while my son plays, but I also did some reading and spent time playing with him, and we went to the park something like three times this week, I think.
  5. Whom have you met IRL after being acquainted online? I don’t think I ever met anyone from online in person! In all the years I’ve been blogging or generally very active online, somehow that’s never happened.

From Friday 5.

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