Friday 5: Do-Re-meme

  1. When have you yelled at a cat? Well, I have two cats, so pretty much on a daily basis. Most recently, our male cat was being a bit, um, forward with our female cat and wasn’t letting up.
  2. Would you please tell us you’re looking forward to the weekend without telling us you’re looking forward to the weekend? My niece just turned three, and her birthday party is this weekend!
  3. What first-world problems have you recently complained about? I didn’t say this out loud, but I wasn’t in the mood to work this afternoon…for a grand total of three hours.
  4. You have one job this weekend: what is it, and how might you mess it up? Laundry. I might forget about it, but that’s unlikely.
  5. What did you learn when you were today years old? Nothing interesting!

From Friday 5.

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