Friday 5: Double Stuf

  1. What do you have two of because while you knew you had one, you couldn’t find it so you bought a new one? A home dry-cleaning kit. The clothes needed cleaned and tracking down the original one we bought was a bigger chore at the time than just buying a new one, and at least in that case, most of what’s in the kit will get used and need restocked anyway.
  2. What do you own none of because it’s convenient to borrow it from someone else? The convenience is debatable, but my mom has a big steam cleaner for rugs. Borrowing it means she has to lug the thing here, but we wouldn’t use it much and it’s expensive. I’d like to maybe use it in my son’s room when he transitions from a crib to a toddler bed, which happens to be the last room it was used in, too. We’d had it set up as a spare bedroom since we moved in, and when I was pregnant, my mom came over near the end after the bedroom set was taken out, cleaned the carpet, and we later got the baby furniture in.
  3. What do you own an old version of because it still works fine even though it’s very old? Almost everything! I am about the furthest from an early adopter as you can get without being a technophobe. I don’t upgrade anything until I have to. But the best example is probably my dad’s old Kindle. I’m still a devotee of the physical book, but during COVID when I couldn’t get to the library, I was eager to borrow something, and the Kindle allowed for that. It’s a very early model, old enough that the next time I travel with it, I should probably make sure I can even use it, and because I use it infrequently, I don’t see much point in upgrading it. But the day is coming, I’m sure.
  4. What do you own identical versions of because you like to have one in different places? I bought a spare set of toddler eating utensils solely to keep a set in his diaper bag. We were also gifted two pack ‘n’ plays at my shower, and honestly, if our house was bigger, I would’ve kept one. I feel like there’s other baby gear we’ve done that with. It’s not quite the same thing, but I’ve also bought my son the same clothes in larger sizes as he’s grown.
  5. What are you most likely to upgrade when an upgrade is available, even if you’re happy with the one you’ve got? I’m tempted to buy a new car but resisting, in part because this is a terrible time to buy a new car but mostly because my current car is paid off and I like not having a car payment more than I want a new car. If/when we have another kid, there might be some stuff I swap out thanks to having a firmer grasp on what we do and don’t like and just, you know, what having a baby is like. I think we had this sense that if we were given something, we had to use it because 1) it was a gift and 2) it was free and babies are expensive, but I’d look into everything from more tech-oriented things like a newer breast pump and maybe a monitor upgrade to simpler things like glass bottles instead of plastic. That’s what’s tough about having your first baby is you have no idea what you like, what works best for you, or even what the baby prefers, so it’s easy to zero in on things you’d change if you got a do-over.

From Friday 5.

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