Friday 5: Testify

  1. How’s your sense of hearing? Pretty good, especially considering the number of loud concerts I’ve been to. I seem to be able to pick up a lot on headphones in particular.
  2. When did you most memorably swear to do (or not do) something? I wouldn’t say I swore not to do it, but you know all those memes about, like, hiding food from your kids? Turns out that they’re super accurate and you can say all you want you’ll never be like that, but when you realize you’re not gonna be able to eat your lunch without toddler hands helping themselves, you’ll reconsider.
  3. What trouble have you caused without anyone important ever finding out? In college, my friends and I stole a couple road signs.
  4. How gracefully do you handle losing? Quite gracefully. I’m competitive without being a sore loser.
  5. What would you like to get to the bottom of, sometime this weekend? My to-do list!

From Friday 5.

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