Friday 5: Solstice

  1. How do you cool down on warm summer evenings? Blast the air conditioner, but ideally, if we’re in the area, go in my in-laws’ pool.
  2. What are some good songs for keeping the summer vibe flowing? You know, I just bought the extended Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack, and it makes for some good summer listening.
  3. What’s a good summer movie or a good summer book? I’m reading Tacky by Rax King right now, and I think because it’s fairly light, fun personal essays centered around pop culture, it’s a good summer read. It would definitely be a good one to take to the beach or pool. I’ll get back to you on movie.
  4. How is this summer better than last summer? My son is a year older, and although each new age and milestone does come with new challenges–Terrible Twos, anyone?–it also comes with potential and ease. He was still taking a bottle this time last summer and now he’s not, and as he’s getting older, the list of things we have to remember to take with us when we leave the house is getting shorter. My husband is employed this summer and is very well-compensated, whereas last summer, he was on unemployment. I transitioned from working full-time to working as an independent contractor, so I have a lot of freedom in my scheduling and can basically decide when I do or don’t work and how much I work, which keeps me busy and brings in some extra income.
  5. What special something are you doing this summer? My son is getting vaccinated! He just turned two, and a vaccine for his age group was announced like a week before his birthday. After a slight struggle getting in touch with his pediatrician, he has an appointment scheduled to get it. As a result, we’re loosening our personal COVID restrictions a bit. We’re still very much figuring out exactly how much we’re comfortable with, considering you can still get it if you’re vaccinated, and even if it’s mild, we really don’t want any of us to get it. But we have a family trip planned, and we’re probably gonna go to my family reunion for the first time in a few years.

From Friday 5.

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