Friday 5: Four Months

  1. How good are you at wrapping gifts? Not very. I rely on gift bags or my husband, who wraps presents much more neatly than I do.
  2. When are you likely to begin your Christmas shopping this year? I am very much the type who prefers to wait until after Thanksgiving–I think we’re quick to jump from one holiday to the next, and I really don’t like it. Like, there’s no need for Halloween decorations and pumpkin everything in August. Anyway. That said, I may start a little sooner for the toddlers in the family. I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes, it’s better to get something when it catches your eye and hold on to it for that extra month or so. There are a couple companies that hold big resale events for kid stuff every few months, and it’s not uncommon to see toys new in the box there. I wouldn’t necessarily buy from there as a gift for the niece and nephew, but I’m definitely down with doing it for my son.
  3. How do you feel about candy canes? I mean, they’re okay. They taste good, I’ll eat one if I’m given one, but I don’t exactly seek them out or consider them a must during the holidays.
  4. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Nice, always!
  5. In what way was today most December-like? The weather is getting cooler. Certainly not as cold as December, but you can tell summer is on its way out the door. We’ve dipped into the 50s overnight a few times lately.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Four Months”

  1. You have a point about the holidays not waiting their turns, but I love the feeling of being on top of things and not having to hurry. And beginning my gift shopping early puts me more in the spirit when Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m readier for the season, you know?

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