Friday 5: All in the Family

  1. What efforts do you make in resisting Father Time? Not many, but I will tell you that I’ve noticed some fine lines appearing in my forehead and will be looking into various creams and serums next time I make an Ulta or Sephora purchase.
  2. In what manner do you try to be a good steward of Mother Earth? We recycle, and I try to buy eco-conscious whenever possible, whether that means secondhand or staying loyal to sustainable brands. When it’s time to get rid of things, I resell, donate, or recycle based on the item and its condition. I hate just throwing things in the trash if they can go somewhere else.
  3. What has recently caused you to say Uncle? I think it happens with feeding a toddler. The experts tell you not to offer up too many choices because toddlers figure out real quick that they’ll get a better option if they refuse what they’ve been given, but that’s tough to stick to when you want to make sure your kid actually, you know, eats.
  4. Among actors in Ant-Man, who are you particularly fond of? I’ve had a crush on Paul Rudd since before it was cliche to say you have a crush on Paul Rudd.
  5. Which notable brothers would you most like to hang out with? Which notable sisters? I’ll take the Bronte and Wachowski sisters. Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: All in the Family”

  1. Yeah, where did this wave of Paul Rudd adulation come from? He’s been around forever but I do not remember it being like this until maybe that year when he was the sexiest man.

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