Friday 5: We’ll Always Have Paris

  1. When did you most recently experience the beginning of a beautiful friendship? I wouldn’t call it a beginning so much as a new chapter, I guess? But one of my husband’s brothers and his wife have a son a few months older than ours, and after a few failed attempts, we’re finally in a good groove with weekly playdates. So we’ve gone from the occasional text and chatting when we see each other to hanging out with our kids once a week, which naturally comes with a kind of shift in the relationship, I think.
  2. For whom did you last stick your neck out? Ooh, I don’t know. Maybe myself.
  3. What matters more to you, and what matters less as time goes by? Family (and friends!) matter more–which isn’t to say they were like on the back burner or anything–and work matters less. By all means, I’m still striving towards having writing published and establishing myself, or continuing to, in that area, but in terms of the daily grind? Not important. I left full-time work to care for my son, and on top of that, since my dad died three years ago, a lot seems pointless and dumb. My best friend’s husband’s in this job with a shit culture where the expectation is the job matters above all else, and when she was telling me this, I said, “Bitch, try me.” Go ahead and tell me my job is more important than my family and see what happens.
  4. What have you been shockedshocked!to learn this week? Nothing, I think! Which either means it was a boring week or I am hard to shock, and honestly, I think it’s probably the latter.
  5. Who’s looking at you, kid? No one. One of the cats is curled up next to me but her back is to me.

From Friday 5.


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