Friday 5: In the Now

  1. When did you last have to MacGyver something? Ooh, it’s been a while. The only thing really coming to mind is we bought a portable air conditioner that’s one wheels and sits on the ground and vents out the window, and the piece you stick in the window didn’t fit our awkwardly sized windows. It was too short, and the second piece you’re supposed to use as an extender covered the hole for the vent. We ended up scoring the plastic with a knife and breaking it at the point we needed it.
  2. In what way were you spontaneous this week? I’m not sure that I was! I would have taken a spontaneous trip to the park with my son if the weather had been warm enough. It’s technically warm enough now, but he’s napping.
  3. What have you recently completed at the last minute? I can’t think of anything for this, either! And I’m a procrastinator. The thing is now that I’ve entered the stay-at-home mom life, I’m pretty much doing everything on my own terms, or my son’s, and have no real pressing deadlines on things. I am still working for a few hours most days, but I’m normally not on a tight deadline. Even if I am, it’s like an 11 p.m. deadline, and I’ve never gotten held up working on something later than 8-ish.
  4. How good are you at thinking up a quick lie? Okay, I think? The thing is I’m a pretty honest person. My grandfather lied about everything, and my dad wasn’t far behind, and I hated it. I think most people hate being lied to, but I especially hate it and pride myself on not repeating that cycle. So I don’t really lie to people, so I’m inclined to think I’m bad at it and can’t think quick enough to cover my tracks if I would so choose. Now, that said…my mother-in-law is a difficult person, and there have been times in the past where lying or omitting information has been in our best interests, mostly to avoid confrontation. Think, like, you’re an adult and you don’t need to hear a lecture or be yelled at by someone, you know that’s what they’ll do, it’ll be an immense overreaction, and your best bet at avoiding it is not being entirely forthcoming. There was a time, and I truly can’t remember why, I was with my husband and his youngest brother and for some reason, we were preparing to have to lie to her about something–something really dumb and trivial, admittedly, but for some reason, the consensus was that it was in our best interests. Despite being the one in the group who practically never lied to their parents, I was the one coaching them on what to say–do not offer up any information you are not ask about directly, and if you are asked, here’s what you say. My husband’s more inclined to immediately offer up some cover story that makes no sense or is way too convenient. Whatever it was we were hiding, we got away with it.
  5. What’s your personal organizer system like? One could argue that I don’t have one. But I’ve filled our closet with as many bins and organization systems as it’ll hold.

From Friday 5.


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