Friday 5: Oops!

  1. When have you recently had to correct one of your errors? I was doing some work earlier and had to fix the ever-present typos.
  2. When did you last break something you wish you hadn’t? In a way, our old washer and dryer earlier this year. I don’t think it’s ever convenient for those to go, even if, like us, you have family willing to let you cart your dirty laundry over to wash at their house. But at the same time, that means we have new, better machines, and I wanted to replace the old ones at some point anyway. So…
  3. When have you taken a wrong turn (literally or figuratively) and found yourself in a better place? I had some friendships get messy about a decade ago, one in particular–and honestly, even mentioning it carries a risk that I’ll get texts about having done so. But the reality is it was toxic and I am in a much better place than I was then, and although the other party probably disagrees on events and who’s at fault, I don’t think they’re disappointed in the outcome, either.
  4. When did you most recently return a purchase to the seller? The last one I remember is a few months ago, I returned I think a top to Kohl’s. It wan’t a flattering fit.
  5. From whom do you most willingly take correction? My husband, probably.

From Friday 5.


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