Friday 5: Seemingly (but not actually) unrelated questions

  1. When did you last have something custom-made to your specifications, not counting meals? This is kind of an odd one, but one of the things we wanted to change about our house was the front door, which we did I guess a couple years ago now. But apparently, the size of our doorway is not standard, so we had to custom order the door.
  2. In what way were you reminded this week that we’ve been experiencing a pandemic for nearly three years? Two very obvious ways–I left a message with my son’s pediatrician, who hasn’t called me back yet, about his next COVID vaccine dose, and I scheduled a booster for myself. I would’ve gotten it sooner, but since we did get COVID in early July, we’re supposed to have some natural immunity from that and could hold off on a booster.
  3. Who did you recently see in person for the first time in ages? I’ve seen some friends in the last few weeks, and we’ve been able to get most of us together a few times recently, so that was nice. Doesn’t quite count as “ages,” though.
  4. What will me-time look like for you this weekend? Doing this blog, doing other writing–hopefully starting something new–going to the gym, getting caught up-ish on General Hospital.
  5. What songs have you been enjoying lately? I quite like “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. My last few most recent Spotify likes are “Tangerine” by Led Zeppelin, “Passing Through a Screen Door” by The Wonder Years, “Century in the Making” by Jukebox the Ghost, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, and “Mátenme Porque Me Muero” by Caifanes. I also just added “Song Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel and was surprised to find it wasn’t already there. The same could probably be said of the Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder–I’ve certainly heard them before and have liked them for a long time, I just never added them to my Spotify likes, apparently.

From Friday 5.


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