Friday 5: Interrobang‽

  1. What are you better at than you might have predicted? I don’t know that I would say I’m better at parenting that I thought I’d be, but more that certain things come more naturally than I expected them to.
  2. When did you last surprise someone? I am very much the type who buys herself a little treat anytime she leaves the house, and I came back with a coffee for my husband not too long ago.
  3. What has recently caught you off guard? Ooh, some news! I can’t share it yet. But I will tell you that no, I’m not pregnant.
  4. What did you learn this week? It may have technically been last week, but! There was a post going around Facebook talking about early English and phrases like “the more, the merrier.” I’m taking it with a grain of salt because, you know, Facebook, but I found it fascinating and have included it below.
  5. How much attention do you pay to weather forecasts? Unless I’m leaving the house, very little. Then I’ll check the temperature and dress accordingly, and this time of year when we’re getting snow, see if and when it’s coming, how much of it is coming, and whether it’s worth leaving the house.

From Friday 5.

Also, speaking of the interrobang, years ago as a sort of gag gift, my husband bought me a little interrobang stamp. It’s my favorite punctuation mark, and I would use it frequently if it were easier to do so.


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